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GZL Company profile

Established on 5th December 1980, GZL International Travel Service Ltd(GZL) is the main force of  LN  Holdings--the bellwether of  South China tourism industry and Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed corporation.

GZL is the industry leader and the Only comprehensive large travel  enterprise that has been awarded the “Chinese  Consumer  Satisfactory Ding”, which is the highest honor for the quality management of the tourism industry.

GZL has been chosen as one of China's top 500 enterprises inservice  industry for three consecutive years.

The major businesses of GZL include inbound tour, outbound tour, domestic tour, e-commerce, convention and exhibition, coach rental and air-ticket booking. Apart from those, GZL also engages in tourism computer software development, study abroad & consultation service. GZL owns a 24-hour call center of international top level and a professional working staff in various specialties.

Currently, GZL has over 400 sales offices covering in the Pearl River Delta, established the most intensive sales network in South China. Furthermore, GZL has built up its branches in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan,Kashi etc. So far its business has been extended to more than 100 countries and regions.

In the latest China Travel Top Company Ranking, the GZL ranked No. 7 in the China travel industry. Base on its outstanding performance, the GZL is maintaining it’s the leading position in the Guangdong province.